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TechnoFunding lessons


Plan your project

What do you plan to create? How do you plan to do this? How long will it take? How much funding will you need?

These are all questions that you need to have answers to before you launch your project on TechnoFunding.


Project Title

The title of your project should be short but appealing. Remember that the Project Title is one of the first things that people will see when viewing your project.


Project Image

The Project Image is just as important as the Project Title. It should be an attractive image that calls the attention of potential backers to your project. Spend some time in deciding what type of image you want to be shown as your Project Image. Try to use colorful photos. Avoid dull, boring, badly taken photos.


Project Video

Normally the first thing someone will do when they go to your project page is click the Play Video button. What better way to communicate with potential project backers than explain your ideas on video. Video will bring life to your project and will motivate potential backers.

In your video, you should tell us about yourself, and about your project. How did you get the idea for your project? How do you feel about it? What do you need to make your project a reality? You can also describe the Rewards you are offering to backers.

Simply upload your video on to Youtube then paste the URL of the video on to the Techno Funding Project Video section of your project.

Be carefull not to upload any copyrighted material that is not your property.


Short Description

In about 10 words, how would you describe your project? Along with the Project Title and Project Image, the Short Description will be among the first things a potential backer will see before opening your project, so try to be creative and motivate backers to view your project in full detail.


Long Description

The Long Description of your project is where you will explain why your project is worth backing and how you plan to realize your project. Be as precise and descriptive as possible. Define a realistic goal. Describe what your development plans are and how long each stage will take to complete.


Funding Duration & Funding Goal

On TechnoFunding, the duration of your project can be anything up to 60 days. This means that your project will be on the TechnoFunding website accepting funding for this amount of time.

The Funding Goal is how much funding you need to complete your project. You should consider this carefully. Research your budget and make sure you have considered all possible costs involved in making your project a reality.



Rewards are what the project backer will receive for funding your project. The Rewards should be inspiring and motivating to the potential backer. They should also be realistic. The Rewards you offer for funding your project are your promise to the backer. You should fulfill them at all costs.

Decide what are the best Rewards you can offer and be sure you can keep your promise.


Promote your project

If you want your project to succeed you need to tell people about it. You can use our Social Media share functionalities to spread the word about your project. Send emails to your friends and get the message out. Contact local newspapers and TV and radio stations.


Project Updates

Keep your backers updated at all times of the project progress by posting a comment on your project page. Once a comment is posted, you and all project backers will receive an email notification of the message.


Rewards - Keeping your promise

Once your project has been successfully funded, you must keep your promise and send the Rewards to all your project backers. TechnoFunding will supply you with all the contacts of your project backers if your project is successfully funded.