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Project Guidelines


You must submit your Project in English.  At this moment, projects will not be accepted in other languages.


Each Project on TechnoFunding must contain the following:



All projects on TechnoFunding must have a clear and informative title. The title should be as interesting as possible as it will normally be the first thing a person reads when viewing your project.


Short Description:

Your project must have a short description. The short description is the introduction to your project. Keep it short and simple!


Long Description:

You should describe in detail what your project is all about. Describe your vision for the project and how you came about the idea. Describe how you will start the project, how you will develop it, and how you will end the project. Be as informative as possible so potential Funders will have no doubts about your idea and your ability to actually create the project. Add good quality images, scientific researches, plans, graphs and videos to your description where possible.


Project Image:

Your project must have good quality Main Project Image.  Choose it carefully as this will be the first image a potential Funder will see when viewing your project. The image should illustrate your Project. Please make sure the image is yours or you have the rights to use the image.



Your project must fit into one of our technological categories. If it doesn’t, send us a message about it.


Project Duration & Funding Goal:

Your project can be online for a period of time between 1 and 60 days. During that time your project will be able to accept Funding. You must have a clear and definite goal for your project. You must know exactly how much you are going to need in order to realize your project. When deciding the Funding Goal, please take into consideration that you will also have to supply the Rewards you promised to your Funders, and don’t forget to consider the 5% commission fee that TechnoFunding will charge if your project is funded 100% or more.



You must offer at least one reward for project Funders. The reward can be a simple “thank you”, a scientific paper, or can be an early copy of a finished project. The more exciting the rewards, the more people will want to fund your project. Be generous, but realistic. Do not offer rewards that you cannot fulfill. You have the possibility to add an image to each Reward. This will help to make the reward look more attractive. You may not offer multiple items as a reward, a reward must be a single item.


Risks and Challenges:

There will be risks and challenges in all projects. You must be clear and honest about the risks and challenges that you will encounter as you realize your project. Project Funders will want to know how you plan to overcome the risks and challenges. So take this opportunity to gain their confidence.


Creator’s Notes:

In this section you can give your own thoughts about the project. Say how you feel about realizing the project. Say how you plan to bring the project to life. Give some background information about yourself. Here you could add an image of yourself or your team along with your notes.


What kind of projects will NOT be accepted on TechnoFunding?

We will not accept:

    • projects that are considered illegal.
    • projects that produce weapons of any sort.
    • projects which are intended to cause harm to any human being or animal.
    • projects that are incomplete.
    • projects that do not follow our Project Guidelines.
    • projects that offer money or financial equity as Project Rewards.
    • projects that solicit loans.
    • projects that wish to raise money for charity or causes.
    • projects that resell items as project rewards, or that offer rewards which were not produced by the actual project creator.
    • Projects creators may not offer multiple quantities of the same item as a reward per single funding.


Share your Project

Once your project is online, your main priority should be sharing it. Post it on your facebook page, twitter page, and as many other social networking sites as possible. If you have the possibility to make Press Releases that would also help. The more people know about your project the better chance you have of getting 100% or more funded. You must not use spamming techniques to share your project.