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We are a startup company looking to fund R&D for a intelligent backup software
About John R Klein

I am 33 years old. I currently am A+ Certified and am also studying to get my CCNA Certification with a specialization in Data Centers. Im also studying for programming certifications in C++ Java Python and HTML

Joined: 18 Nov, 2014

Project Description Comments

When I first had the idea to start Kleintech Computer Services, it was with the hope that we would make a difference. Here at Kleintech we're not just about profit, we're about finding ways to improve technology for everyone.


We take Cloud Services and use them to modernize business networks. In providing Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Services, one thing we have discovered is that no two networks are the same. So an idea was born; what if we could design a intelligent backup software?


Something that could could learn how to optimize a networks backup routine based on that networks individually tailored needs. That's when we decided to see if we can design a heuristic algorithm that would teach the backup software how to optimize itself for each individual network. This is just the first step. Ultimately, the hope is we could design this software so that it would control the network and provide everything from backup optimization to network monitoring and repair.


The first step in designing this software is raising the funds; this will be a two step process. Step 1 will involve raising the 1,250,000.00 on Technofunding and investing 1,000.000.00 in a set of low risk investments that guarantee 6% compound interest every month.


Step 2 will involve taking the compound interest and paying off any debt the company has acquired & also paying any monthly bills. Leftover funds and any monthly profits will go to fund R&D costs for the software; such as any hardware/software needed to design the algorithm as well as salary for any programmer needed to design the algorithm. 


Once the software has been designed and tested in a controled lab environment; we will conduct testing on a various different networks to work out any bugs before releasing it to the public at large. 


Profits gained from the backup software will be used to improve the algorithm so that eventually we hopefully will design a fully automated and intelligent network administration suite.


Project Creator's notes
This software is more then just a way to backup software. It's a step in a long journey towards the relization of a dream. That one day I would create something that might make a difference. What I mean by that is imagine a world where computers think and help solve problems. Thats what this can do its the beginning of an algorithm that can make artificial intelligence a reality.
Risks and Challenges
The biggest challenge when it comes to our plan is designing a algorithm to pull off our software's goal. In essence were creating a Artificial Intelligence program which is no small task.

We plan on tackling this problem buy purchasing the most advanced design platform available and using the most advanced programming techniques available.

What makes us qualified is our unique insight into the IT industry as well as our corporate partnerships with some of the largest hardware/software companies in the industry. As well as the certified computer programmer we have on staff.
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