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It is a healthrisk Profile for Heartattacks and Strokes based on a ECG Patch
Wearable Technology
About Philipp Bachmann

I am a 100% enterpreneur, investing in companies saving life. I studied Physics at ETH Zurich.The patented Software (see Patent PCT/EP2013/069647) and the Patch are proven. At the moment we develope App, Android and database, ready II/2015.
The funding will be invested for clinical studies with 2000 subjects, in order to become a diagnostical tool and not just a risk Profile


See also our youtube / xotoxtools video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCjv0LkndSc

Joined: 29 Jan, 2015


Project Description Comments

After fixing the above shown patch on your collar bone you make a 24h ECG for Puls and Heartratevariability. Based on individual data the system calibrates each individual and creates a health profile based on trafic light principle for Boreot, Burnout, chronical fatigue, depression, overtraining and stroke. Interventions are recommended based on results.

Project Creator's notes
We are cooperationg with the biggest medical Distributor in Switzerland and coming to the market III/2015
Risks and Challenges
So fare we made clinical studies with 42 People. We should make it with 2'000 people in order to make diagnostics instead of risk profiles.
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