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We are developing the world's first levitating microphone. #LevitateMyMic
About antonio stewart

Antonio Stewart attended school at the Colorado Institute of Art where he majored in multimedia.  He then later attended the Kerr Business and Technical College in Augusta, Georgia.  There he received his certifications in computer engineering.  Antonio’s passion in technology and product design comes from his desire to better the lives of those around him by enriching experiences and also fulfilling the need of convenience in their daily lives.



Joined: 22 Mar, 2015

Project Description Comments

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read about our crowd funding project. We are Computer Worx
AI and Multimedia. Our company was founded on the principle that progress is always a step in the future. We provide this belief with the type of excitement and convenience to our customers by providing high-end technology and artificial intelligent systems.

The purpose of this project is to enhance a more captivating experience for entertainers, public
speakers and audio enthusiasts through the introduction of a new form of audio equipment: the levitating microphone.

We have signed a contract with a design and mfg company based in the heart of Silicon Valley, that will be bringing its custom product design and manufacturing expertise to the Microgravity Microphone project,
applying its know-how of taking ideas from concept, through design, testing and ultimately into production.


Note; Microgravity Microphone design subject to change some after production.


Our product is unique in its market of hands-free microphones. It includes the following features:


  • levitates and is
    hands free

  • makes performances and public
    speaking more compelling

  • bluetooth compatible

  • custom options

  • audio visualizer

Project Creator's notes
What We Need & What You Get:
We are seeking funding in the amount of $3,800 to get through the first phase of the production process. Our ultimate goal is to fund the entire amount of $15,000, that will complete all four phases of manufacturing.
Risks and Challenges
The challenges in this field is the differentiation.
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of 15.000 $
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In The Know; We will keep you in the loop with all of our updates, videos, and interviews etc. You will be on our "need-to-know list." As the news is made.

Estimated Delivery:
50 $
Microgravity T-Shirt; Here you will receive a very nice 100% cotton Microgravity- M "T-Shirt" in any color you wish. Signed by the inventor. Fulfilled within 1 week.

Estimated Delivery:
75 $
Authentic copies of sketches signed by inventor; Sketches created by inventor for product analysis, and patent submission. Fulfilled within 1 week

Estimated Delivery:
175 $
Micrgravity Goody Bag: All of the above, plus Microgravity Mic memorabilia, Gift Card/Discount Card. Fulfilled within 2 weeks

Estimated Delivery:
500 $
3D Print of Microgravity Mic Discount: All the above, plus scaled down desktop version 10% off; signed/ personally dedicated to you 3D Microgravity Mic's that are desktop sized to place on your desk or 10% off full scale Mic. Fulfilled within 3-4 weeks

Estimated Delivery:

Limited to the first 30 backers
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1.000 $
Microgravity M Customized: All of the above, plus requested talent for any promotional packages, interview the inventor (maximum of 2 questions), personal thank you and contributor listed on site. In addition to this, a 50% discount off of your Microgravity Mic purchase (limited to 1 pcs.)! Fulfilled within 3-4 weeks, at time of production run end. TBD

Estimated Delivery:

Limited to the first 15 backers
15 left
5.000 $
All Mic'd Up: All of the above plus a free Limited Edition Microgravity Mic signed by the inventor. Plus, a personal invite to the product display presentation to have lunch and pictures with the inventor in Silicone Valley, CA! Fulfilled within 3-4 weeks at productions end. TBA

Estimated Delivery:

Limited to the first 3 backers
3 left